Saturday, February 28, 2009

The House That Nate Built

This is Nate.

This is the house that Nate built.

This is the baby that lives in the house that Nate built.

This is the family of that beautiful baby that live in the house that Nate built.

This is the father of that little bunny's family that live in the house that Nate built.

These are the children that take care of the father, the little baby bunny, and her family that live in the house that Nate built.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We are so proud!

Hey Everyone. Go check out how smart Preston is!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"The Klondike" by Byron

Early one Friday, I went to the church to meet my troop to head to the Klondike. We went to Cedar Mountain.
One of our leaders(the Bowles) went up early to get the best spot and sure enough, we got a large area with a huge snow pile, and immediately set off to work. A few others and I started to dig out an area to put the fire pit and a place to put chairs, while others built paths, set up kitchen and packing the snow on the mound. We had a lot of activities which included drilling through a lake, fishing for mouse traps and a sled race. The cave was warm at night and the whole first day was devoted the the making of the cave.
(center) the inside of the cave in the morning ( I'm all the way down in the cave)

(top) the mound with the tall flag and back to the trees was our camp
(Bottom) the activity fishing for mouse traps (we also drilled through the lake we are standing on)

above is pictures
(top) finished snow cave
(center) finished snow cave
(bottom) almost finished snow cave

This is all our troop.

Above is the only hole we could make in the attempt to break the snow cave.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Boys and Bunnies

The bunnies have opened their eyes and are moving around more. Karleena, Mallory and Hannah joined us this evening for great entertainment watching the 2 week old bunnies. We have given them temporary nicknames. Aliese lovingly named the one she likes "Truffle" which then led to the name of "Cookie" and "Carmel" for the other two. Nate says the names are fitting (Yummy!).

Cookie Truffle
Landon had a great accomplishment this week... he is now a member of the Smart Club. His 1st grade teacher awards the children for saying smart things. When they get enough smart cards then they are in the Smart Club. He was so excited. He came home with a certificate and a pen, (which he used to draw all over his face and arms). I am so proud of how far Landon has come since his struggles through Kindergarten. He had an amazing reading recovery teacher and is now reading on grade level. And he only missed one on his last spelling test. I am grateful to those who have taken extra time with him this year.
Landon and Preston with bunnies.

Mommy Princess with babies
Last Friday Byron left for his adventure in the snow (commonly known as the Klondike). I will let him blog about it when he gets some pictures. I am just happy that he returned home safe and sound with all his fingers and toes. I don't understand why boys choose to torture themselves.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bunnies at one week

The bunnies are 1 week old today. Unfortunately we lost one at two days old so we are now down to three. As we did our bunny research we learned that many 1st time mothers loose their entire first litter. Princess is doing a great job for a first timer and these three little ones are thriving. As you can see they now have fur. But their eyes will remain shut for another week or so. The one we thought would be grey has turned out to be a beautiful brown with a grey tummy. The black and white one looks just like the daddy (Hopper) and Preston's favorite is the smallest one that is brown, grey and white. They are all up for adoption (two may already be spoken for) and will be ready for their new homes in about 4 weeks. Preston wants Princess to have another litter when she is done nursing this one. So, if you want a bunny but now is not a good time, check back in a few months and we may have more.

Thanks to Miranda for helping model the bunnies for their one week debut.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Handy Man

Yesterday Nathan spent the afternoon making me an additional pantry. We got the idea from Darrin and Aliese when we were complaining to them about our overflowing existing pantry. Now that we have many more mouths to feed it just isn't big enough. Well, we have two closets that we were using for coats, so my brilliant brother suggested we turn the closet in the kitchen into an additional pantry. Why didn't we think of that before?! Brilliant!! Amazingly, my ever so multi-talented husband completed it in just one afternoon. Yay... more space!!

We got some good news on Tuesday... Preston got a call back for The Utah Shakespearean Festival's production of "The Secret Garden" for the part of Colin. He is thrilled!!! The call backs are on Feb. 21st, then we wait to see if he gets cast.