Saturday, May 23, 2009

End of School Year Hijinx

The Nathan and Amy Warby family is proud to announce that they have once again survived another school year. It remains to be seen if they will survive the summer. Yikes!

That being said, there have been many fun and exciting events in the past couple of weeks, which we will share with you now.

First of all was Miranda's Preschool graduation. We made our annual visit to attend this event last week for the last time. We have had a child in Miss Kerri's preschool every year (with the exception of 1 gap year between Preston and Landon) since Byron was 3. It was a bittersweet time for us. We are sad to see the preschool days for our children behind us, but we love to watch our children grow and learn and move through the stages of their lives. The graduation program itself was very cute and fun. The kids sang their songs and recited their lines as only 4 year olds can. At the end they were each rewarded with kind words from their teacher, Kerri Paddock, and Kool-Aid squeez-its. We are so proud of Miranda and all the progress she has made.

Next comes Landon. Now, you may think completing first grade isn't such a big deal, but for Landon, this year has been quite transformational. After a kindergarten year that was a little touch and go at times, he really stepped up and met the challenges of first grade....well, like a Warby. We have watched as Landon took his weaknesses and made them strengths. We are so grateful for his wonderful and patient teacher, Mrs. Comeford, and his reading teacher, Mrs. Hammond. Landon has improved in every area of his academics, but especially in reading and writing. Anyway, we attended his first grade end of year program last week where they sang and recited poetry as only 7 year olds can. See pictures below.

Next comes Oscar. Oh wait, that's Preston. It's hard to tell with that hair. Anyway, this week, Preston completed the fifth grade! Elementary school, Bye, Bye. We are so Proud of what Preston has accomplished in his Washington Elementary School career. He has racked up mad stats and has laid many beat downs on the opposition. Scores of math and spelling tests have been sent to the sidelines crying and asking for their mommies. He was voted as the best academic boy in his class and we look for him to possibly repeat next year. We know that he will do well in sixth grade. We did go to a graduation program for the fifth grade last week where they sang songs and recited literature as only 10 year olds can.
We also went to his end of the year orchestra concert at Fossil Ridge where he performed quite competently on his viola. You see, in addition to mastering academics, Preston has been learning the ropes on the strings at early early morning orchestra (thanks for driving me, Dad). He expects to continue his progress in the coming school year.

Last of all, Byron. What can we say about Byron. He is a fantastic kid. He has just finished seventh grade and will move on to Pine View Middle School next year. Do you know what that means? For the first time, one of Nathan's children will be roaming the halls of a school he himself once terrorized. Wow! I feel old. I hope he does better there than I did. Byron has been great this year. He is starting to take more and more responsibility for his own school success. These are defining times in a young man's life and Byron continues to step up and meet new challenges head on. Like our other children, we have seen him improve in many different areas of his academics and life. He loves scouts and hanging with his friends. He really loved his science and business classes this year. We went to his end of the school year band concert where they played their individual instruments in harmony as only 13 year olds can. Actually, all kidding aside, it was probably the best 7th grade band concert we have ever been to. They were great. Kudos to Mrs. Hodek the band teacher. Byron had a Gong solo that rocked the house! The 5 gallon bucket number was fun, too.