Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Miracle of Inspiration

I don't claim to be a great, or even a good, writer. I hope my jumble of thoughts make sense to those of you reading them.
The events of the past week inspired the subject for this post. The first being the birth of the daughter of a very good friend. The baby was taken by emergency c-section at just 28 weeks because of complications due to high blood pressure. To see the story of Baby Grace click here:
I have been amazed at this tiny new miracle all week. My thoughts have been with her and her family constantly. so no surprise when during quiet time the other day while listening to Laura Ingraham, I related Gracie's story with the subject at hand: Abortion. Now, I have always had strong feelings about the subject but have never thought that my simple mind could really do anything to make a difference. Well, this morning I had an overwhelming feeling to share my thoughts and I hope
that they will inspire others to do the same. Maybe all of our simple minds together will make a difference.
One subject that was talked about during the show was puppies. Now, don't get me wrong, I just adore puppies and agree that hurting them is a despicable act. But, should the punishment be worse for harming a dog than killing an unborn baby? Should the consequence for leaving a dog unattended in a hot car be more than for that of leaving a baby? My simple mind says the answer is: no way!! Hello, common sense?!? Where has the value for human life gone?
I know the arguments for pro choice. I've heard them all as I'm sure you have too. We are given laws to follow and it is those laws that give us the freedoms that we have, right? Isn't it the rules that make our country free? I firmly believe in free agency. We need that agency to prove who we are. Let us make our own choice between good and evil and then... accept the consequences that are given with those choices. We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are given guidelines (laws) to keep us safe. Laws for traffic, taxes, murder, stealing, etc. etc. If we CHOOSE to break the law we have to pay the price, and face the consequence.
I am also pro. choice, but in a different way than most others. I believe the choice comes when a young woman decides or chooses to have sex. Once that choice is made, she should have to face the consequence of her actions. (I know there are circumstances where the girl did not make that choice and was forced, but that is not my argument today... that's a whole other story)
Look at beautiful (yes, I thinks she's beautiful) baby Gracie. She has a spirit and a body. She is alive, she is a human being. Where does the world get the idea that it is OK to kill these Innocent babies before they even get a chance to make choices of their own. Oh the pain I felt as they spoke about the nurses that have come forward to say that in some late term abortions these precious babies are born alive!!! How can any good person say then that abortion is not murder?!? How can anyone take that infant and toss it aside with the trash? What has happened to morals and values? A man who throws a bag of puppies in the trash is prosecuted worse than those performing and choosing abortion. How could that possibly be worse?
What do I know, you may ask? What about the shame these girls would have to face? The embarrassment, the stretch marks, they may loose their job or someone they love. Oh- all the excuses, all the selfish pride. But wait... I DO know. I've felt all of that and never once did the thought of killing my unborn child cross my mind. Abortions are a sick, twisted, selfish way of avoiding the consequence of a CHOICE already made. My own personal choice was to keep my child- having already graduated High School and loving my baby's father, getting married was the right decision for us. I understand that it is not the choice everyone should make, every situation is different. But other options? Absolutely!!! So many!!! I know many couples who would love to parent these unwanted infants. There are those who argue that without abortions the foster system would be overwhelmed with even more unwanted children. I believe that if done the right way, every one of these cases could be given a loving set of parents. If abortion wasn't an option, it wouldn't mean a young woman couldn't make a choice. It would just mean she would have to make a different choice. She wouldn't have to be a mom, she would just have to be selfless for 9 months to give the child a life. Just sacrifice 9 months. That's not too much to ask of these young women.
We have become a selfish people. Too many times this backwards world we live in takes the easy way out instead of the right way.
I fear for the future of abortions. I fear the new leadership we have will make it even easier to kill the unborn babies. I cry for those lost lives, for the children they could have become and for the lives they may have impacted. I pray that people will see what a worthwhile decision adoption could be. There are long lists of good couples just waiting for someone to give them the greatest gift a person can give another. I am thankful for the knowledge that I have of the plan of salvation. I am grateful for the guidelines I have that lead me on the right path. I pray that those young women out there who are trying to make a decision will see how wrong Abortion is, face the consequence for the choice they made and start making good, right, brave, selfless, and worthwhile decisions.
I thank my Father in Heaven for the life of baby Grace. She is an inspiration
and example to me.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Hunt is On

Our Easter weekend started off with a bang!! The Robert's, (my sister Jen and her kids, Tanner, Nikki and Matthew), from New Jersey were in town and we met at G-ma Fry's house Saturday morning for the traditional egg dying. Aunt Renee and little Mikey were there as well as Darrin and Aliese. The kids were so excited to see their cousins. The eggs were beautiful (especially the glitter ones) and delicious (Landon's were gone just minutes after the color dried). Later we took our little Monsters and Aliens to the movies to see... yep you guessed it... Monsters and Aliens.

We returned home that afternoon to the annual Warby egg hunt. Thanks G-ma and G-pa Warby.
And that was just the beginning...

Landon checking the boat for more eggs at the Warby egg hunt.

Preston helping Miranda find more eggs.
Landon dying eggs at the Fry's house
Byron, Tanner and Preston

Miranda just loves her cousin Nikki!!

For our Easter dinner we had everyone (Jen and kids, Mom and Dad, Darrin and Aliese, Garrett, Valerie and beautiful baby Brock) at our house. We ate a wonderful dinner with the best ham I have ever had (thanks Mom). Followed by a fun egg hunt for the kids. Now we have enough candy to last a year (at least it should have lasted a year, unfortunately it only lasted a week).

Thanks again to Aliese for the pictures.

I just love spending time with family!! It was so wonderful to see and talk (and talk, and talk) to Jen. Preston and Byron couldn't get enough of Tanner. Miranda followed Nikki around, and Matthew is so funny!! It was great to see them!! I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter! I am so grateful for the experiences I've had and for the Atonement of our Savior.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Miranda's Glamor Shots

This is what happens on a lazy conference Sunday morning and a little extra time. When Miranda was done I proceeded to ask who was next. Each boy volunteered another, which ended my fun. Oh well... at least I have one little girl to play dress-up with.