Friday, August 29, 2008

Much ado about......


We are having a great time with "The Secret Garden". We are rehearsing most nights now,(Nate, Preston, and I), in preparation for opening night on September 18th. As I mentioned before... Preston is the understudy for "Colin". Originally he was only going to perform Saturday matinees, but they thought the understudies were doing such a fabulous job, so they added a few performances. He is now performing every Friday night, and rotating Saturday shows. On Sept. 20th and Oct. 4th he is doing the matinee. And on Sept. 27th and October 11th he is performing the evening show. It runs from September 18th to October 11th. We would love to see you all there!! :-)

We were encouraged to go audition for "Oliver", so last Saturday Byron, Preston and I made our appearance at the audition. I know.... what were we thinking?!? It's just that we love "playing" so much, we just couldn't resist. It won't be as time consuming as "The Secret Garden". It is for the Dicken's Festival in December, and practices are only on Saturdays. Preston is "Oliver", Byron is a pickpocket, and I got the part of "Nancy". They didn't have enough OLD men audition, so they talked Nate into being the bad guy "Bill Sykes". I think we'll have some fun with this one. I mean... we have fun with all the shows we do, but there is just something special when your husband gets to be the bad guy!

I finally got my daycare up and running. I only have 4 children enrolled right now, and am trying to get the word out more so I can fill up completely. I am loving every minute of it!!! I am a better mom now that I have to follow all the state rules all day. :-) I never made sure my children had two different fruits and/or vegetables with their lunch each day. And washing hands before and after every meal was never a priority before. Now we wash our hands ALL day long, not just after using the bathroom. The days go by so fast as we follow my schedule that changes activities every 15 to 30 min. And the kids are adorable! This is definitely my thing.

Nate is still singing with "Uncalled Four" (a men's quartet), and recently went with them to a rest home to perform for a family home evening. It was very cute when the last chord sounded to their last song, and the lady in front of me turned to her neighbor and replied: "that was flat". I even got it on video. :-)

The boys are back in school, and Miranda starts preschool on Tuesday. Byron is in 7th, Preston 5th and Landon is a big 1st grader this year. He loves eating school lunch, and is doing great with all day! Preston is doing early morning orchestra (playing the Viola) and is on Student Council. Byron just got a job with morning announcements doing the technical stuff, like the sound board, and is happy to be back to the school that all his old elementary school friends attend. And I am just happy that I am not driving him two hours each day (he takes a bus to this school). I attended S.E.P's this week and just love their teachers this year!! I miss the kids, but am keeping busy enough that they are home before I know it.

So.... those are all my excuses for taking so long in between posts, (I have had a few complaints that I have neglected the blogger world ;-p) I hope this finds everyone well and happy. We love you all!! It's a fine, fine life!!! :-)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun! Fun! Did I Mention Fun?!?

With a lot of family in town, we all decided to go have fun at the swimming pool. They wouldn't let us put the boat in so we decided to go to the lake instead. Feel free to peruse the following pictures. Some of the pictures were taken at Jumpin' Jacks, a local hangout for young hooligans.

Some of these photos were taken during a trip to the Rosenbruch Wild Animal Museum. The kids had a lot of fun.