Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well, it's been almost a year since our last post so here is a little update for the uninformed masses:
We are still going strong and enjoying our daycare business. We are very busy and still speak to each other. Considering the fact that we work together every day, we think that's quite an accomplishment. Nathan still sings with his a'capella men's quartet, Uncalled Four, and since Amy was released from her Young Women's calling, she has time to fulfill her role as 'Fan Club President. (She never misses a performance). In other news, we were called in our ward to serve together as instructors for the Strengthening Marriage course. No, seriously....

Byron in in 9th grade this year and has been consumed with training for the cross country team at PVHS. He began training over the summer and continues to improve at each meet. He still plays percussion in band and recently went to his first regional stake dance. Look out, ladies....

Preston is in 7th grade and was recently chosen to be on the student council at Fossil Ridge Intermediate. We are so proud. He continues to improve on his fine Viola skills both during school and in the after school orchestra he participates in (Zion Youth Symphony Orchestra).

Landon is in 3rd grade and is loving it. He has a wonderful teacher, whom he is always talking about, and their class "college" is Utah State. He is loving Cub Scouts and just started piano lessons.
Miranda is 6 and just started 1st grade. Enough said. No? Ok. She also stared piano and LOVES to practice every day. She NEVER, EVER complains. Oh well, I guess that's payback for ya. Seriously though, she is a wonderful, sweet kid who loves to "save" butterflies and caterpillars.