Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well, it's been almost a year since our last post so here is a little update for the uninformed masses:
We are still going strong and enjoying our daycare business. We are very busy and still speak to each other. Considering the fact that we work together every day, we think that's quite an accomplishment. Nathan still sings with his a'capella men's quartet, Uncalled Four, and since Amy was released from her Young Women's calling, she has time to fulfill her role as 'Fan Club President. (She never misses a performance). In other news, we were called in our ward to serve together as instructors for the Strengthening Marriage course. No, seriously....

Byron in in 9th grade this year and has been consumed with training for the cross country team at PVHS. He began training over the summer and continues to improve at each meet. He still plays percussion in band and recently went to his first regional stake dance. Look out, ladies....

Preston is in 7th grade and was recently chosen to be on the student council at Fossil Ridge Intermediate. We are so proud. He continues to improve on his fine Viola skills both during school and in the after school orchestra he participates in (Zion Youth Symphony Orchestra).

Landon is in 3rd grade and is loving it. He has a wonderful teacher, whom he is always talking about, and their class "college" is Utah State. He is loving Cub Scouts and just started piano lessons.
Miranda is 6 and just started 1st grade. Enough said. No? Ok. She also stared piano and LOVES to practice every day. She NEVER, EVER complains. Oh well, I guess that's payback for ya. Seriously though, she is a wonderful, sweet kid who loves to "save" butterflies and caterpillars.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finally A New Post!!!

Yes!! We are alive and well! We have had many wonderful days since last we blogged, however not enough time to blog about it all. Halloween has come and gone again. Our beautiful little sugar plum fairy experienced her first school Halloween parade and party. She was a little hesitant to try the witches brew (homemade rootbeer) during her class party.When asked who that fantastic clone trooper was during the parade, he lifted up his helmet so I could see it was really him. He was one of many. Landon and Miranda enjoyed the ward chili and trunk or treat then spent the rest of their energy racing from house to house wearing Mom and Dad out. Notice his missing front tooth... The next will soon follow suit and he will be wishing for his two front teeth this christmas.
No school parades for this intermediate school scary guy. Trick or Treating and partying with friends is the thing to do now. From one Trunk or Treat to another then ending up at a friends house for fun and games is how Preston spent the evening. After learning about Halloween safety in school, Landon, being concerned that Preston was in black, lovingly gave Preston his pumpkin reflector to keep him safe.Thinking he was old enough to handle the haunted maze he journeyed with his friends to Staheli Farms. Unfortunately, he was hit on the face with a baseball bat. A monster who was aiming at a tree nailed Byron instead. Oops. No permanent (or even noticable) damage. Just a sore jaw. By the way, the monster unmasked himself and apologized profusely. Byron did admit the maze was scarrier than he thought it would be. After the maze they joined Preston's group for fun and games. Partying late into the night (10:30).I plan to spend the next hour updating on all the blogs I have not kept up with. I hope all is well with everyone. We are doing great! The daycare is doing well and keeping us busy. Our kids are also well and making us proud as they grow and mature. Hopefully the next post won't be another 3 months away. For those of you local people... Preston's show starts this Thursday November 5th at the Opera House at 7:30. $5 per person or $20 per family. It runs every Thurs. Fri. Sat. and Mon. for two weeks. I hope you can all make it out to see this fabulous readers theater, "Searching For Neverland". Preston plays Slightly, a lost boy.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

SLC Trip

We recently took a trip to the Salt Lake area and wanted to include some of the details in our blog. It was a fun and eventful weekend.(June 27-30).

First, on Saturday we were able to attend the open house for the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple in South Jordan. It was very beautiful and uplifting. We got some pretty good pictures of the exterior. When I tried to take a picture of the inside, I was tackled by an eighty year-old guide. I guess they discourage that.

This picture was taken at the fun little reception they had at the end of the tour. The staff and volunteers did an excellent job.

Saturday evening we were excited to be able to attend, along with my parents, a play in American Fork that my brother Shane was in. The play was a biblically set musical by Stephen Schwartz called "Children of Eden". Shane, of course, played the role of God, or as He was known in the show: "The Father". We thoroughly enjoyed this production from beginning to end. The cast (especially Shane) was excellent and talented. The play itself was entertaining as well as thought provoking.
On Sunday, we had the opportunity to attend my Uncle Clint and Aunt Joyce's ward in West Jordan as they spoke in their sacrament meeting. They have recently returned from a mission in Australia. We really appreciated their insights and experiences they shared with us. Afterward, the family met at their house nearby to eat and visit. It was nice to see a lot of family we don't get to see very often.
Later that day, we took the opportunity to stop and visit the SLC temple. It's always awe inspiring to visit temple square, and fun to see the kinds of characters that show up there on a Sunday afternoon.
On Monday, we went to Lagoon! We had a lot of fun! It has been a while since we had been there so it was great to see the 4 or 5 new rides they have added. "Wicked" is definitely the best new ride, possibly the best ride in the park. Yeah!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Family Pics

Our friend, Amanda Hansen, took our family photos on Thursday. She did a fantastic job! These are just some of our favorites...